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Happy Birthday Nazia Hassan.

Born on April 3rd 1965, Nazia Hassan (late) proved to be the pioneer of pop music in Pakistan with her brother Zohaib, when they started singing in late 70’s. After the biggest hit of her first songs  Aap jaisa koi & Disco Dewane`. Ankain Milanay wale`- album:-  ‘young tarang’ set a record for the biggest selling video album of all time till 1984 in Pakistan.

Surprisingly, music was only a hobby for Nazia and though her achievements in this field were any one’s dream come true, she lived away from the glitzy world and led a secluded and simple life. She completed her education in the UK, got a law degree and then worked in the United Nations in the Security Council. Nazia continued her social work even in New York and worked for children from the UN platform.

She is known as the “Sweetheart of Pakistan”. Nazia Hassan is still the symbol of grace, sacred beauty and innocence and is frequently compared to Princess Diana, as she was known to possess a heart of gold. Nazia spent her teenage years between Karachi and London.

Nazia died of lung cancer in London on August 13, 2000 at the age of 35, but she still  lives in the heart of her fans through her music.

– Hammad.


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