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Remembering April 10,1988 – A Massacring Day in the twin cities.

A bright sunny morning of 10, April 1988 soon turned into massacring day when the military ammunition depot at Ojhri Camp, Rawlapindi (Faizabad area), blew up at about half past 9, unveiling the citizens of the twin cities to be the target of flying projectiles or missiles.

Over 100 were killed and many were injured. However, the official figure, later, declared just 30 causalities. Federal Minister Khaqan Abassi was one of the major figure, to get bumped by a flying missile into his car, of that tragedy.

Comprehending what was seen all over the areas near & in the twin cities , it was not difficult to believe the spreading rumour, of that time, that Israel or India has attacked Pakistan.Thus, the panic reached its acme with in a few minutes.

Reports have even mentioned, that the Ojhri arsenal, exploded up on the same day when an American audit team was on its way for the evaluation of  the military stock that US had supplied to Pakistan to institute the anti – Soviet jihad in Afghanistan.

Gen. ZiaM.K. Junejo

Prime Minister Mohammad Khan Junejo appointed two committees — one military and the other parliamentary to investigate the tragedy. But this action marked his end when President Gen Ziaul Haq dismissed him on May 29, 1988 and  23 years after the massacring tragedy the cause of the incident is still hidden.

Hammad Raza.


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