Amrika Bhagao !

Anti-Amrika, or amrikaphobia rather I should say was again seen at the apex, all over Pakistan, as soon as Raymond Davis(CIA contractor in Pakistan) flew from Pakistan, after the court freed him on blood money deal with the relatives of Fahim .  Raymond absconded from Pakistan faster than anything on earth on16 March 2011, to the extent that he even forgot his passport . Rana Sanaullah was later found jumping on media with the claim of containg Raymond’s passport & contradicting Shahbaz shareefs claim : “Punjab Govt. was not involved in Raymond’s Release”

There were several  trite questions which was later raised by the media & the ‘wide-eyed’ people of Pakistan. Why was Raymond not hanged ?, Why injustice was done to the Pakistanis again ?, Who paid the blood-money, when U.S.  Govt.. denied the payment of blood money? How was Davis & relatives of Fahim able to escape the camera eye, when the media stood outside the court during the hearing was done & decision was announced ?

Everyone now can very well imagine, the level of smartness our media has acquired 😛 !


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A Pakistani. I share my views on music, culture, sports etc


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