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‘When’ to stop Afghan war, not ‘whether’ to stop.

Estimates of the expenditure in the Afghan war are not latent. The reports have unveiled the U.S spendings of $450 billion in the Afghan war up till now.

The civilian deaths, in the Afghan -war, reported by NATO have increased by 46%  since 2008.

The report shows a upsurge of the war and civil disorder. ISAF/OEF deaths increased by 35%, assassinations and kidnappings by 50% .

The report depicts a huge increase in attacks aimed at Coalition forces, including a 27 % increase in IED attacks, a 40%. rise in rifle and rocket fire and an increase in surface to air fire of 67%.


According to a poll taken towards the end of last year by U.S government , a third of the population stated that the Taliban had more influence in their locality.

The result of the U.S-Afghan war is expected to end up alike as Soviet war against Afghan Mujahideen, which lasted up for 9 years & 50 days, and Soviet troops were finally expelled in 1989.


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