Chai Chahiye.

“Chai (tea)”- a popular refreshing-beverage amongst people is also considered to be an element of intimacy in Pakistani culture. People would refer to Chai(tea) when they would ask as hot (garam)beverage to be served to the guests. Chai dhabas mark an eminent position in the rural areas. Manual workers would enjoy gup-shup with a cup of garam-Chai over such dhabas.  Dhabas along the highways would give a true Pakistani feel while having a road trip across Pakistan.

Great chai can often be found in Pakistani restaurants along with great food, but making your own chai provides immense satisfaction (and makes the house smell yummy!). Recipes and tastes for chai vary widely and a multitude of chai recipes are used around the world.  Various brands of Chai ranging from the cheaper one to the expensive ones, depending upon the quality, can be found all over Pakistan.

Chai for health

Powerful Antioxidants
“Tea and chai tea help prevent and fight many different kinds of cancer, lower cholesterol and high blood pressure may reduce the symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease and are being studied for their ability to boost the immune system. “

The fact is that every ingredient in the Chai recipe is good for you, and when you put them all together they pack a powerful punch for your immune system.

The next time you’re considering a hot beverage, think exotic and  healthy, and brew up a cup of delicious chai. Both your body and your taste buds will thank you.
The best part which I enjoyed, while writing this post, was sipping a cup of tea along. 🙂



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A Pakistani. I write about music, culture, politics, sports and places etc.

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