Islamabad is ,nowadays, bedecked with blossoming flowers. Spring is here. Dry & nippy air has about turned into a fairly warm breeze. Spring is here with Scent of flowers, crafting a way for summers to begin. Beautiful evenings with twitter of the birds sway our minds and appeal us to get blossomed up like flowers.

The yellow blooms exalt the identity to the season of spring, making Isloo-ites(residents of Islamabad) to believe that there is a time to finally fill the emptiness of the air with the Basant festival. The loud Dhol beats and cheers of “Paicha” (Kites locked) and “Bo-kata” (String has been cut ) substantially add to the liveliness of the season.

Happy spring season to everyone. 🙂


About Hammad

A Pakistani. I share my views on music, culture, sports etc


One thought on “Spring

  1. It’s lovely to ‘see’ spring in Islamabad.

    Posted by | March 23, 2012, 10:11 pm

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