The quest for the lost nation.

In just a bout of time, the Blanket of Darkness will completely veil the sky ceding the stars to twinkle by. Our eyes would then see their sparkle; our heart would then give us the feel of regret, our mind would then generate a thought on over and done. Well, I am defining the upshot of the sluggish nations and perhaps evaluating the cost they had to pay of their negligence, negligence to their significance. Yes, they lost their independence, lost free will; they are now without an answer. Do we want to be the next target of adversity ? Do you want to lose the nation of your Quaid ? Do you want to abandon your homeland ? Do you want the soil to be made filthy by foes ? Of course not then, we have to be the part of an enormous evolution to change the entire course of this nation. This nation doesn’t need Zardari or PPP or Pml (N)-Pml (Q) or PTI or any other party. All we need is the spirit, realization & implementation to move the heaven and earth and leave no stone upturned. The youth of the nation is the real power.

Some times It gives me a feel that elections in our country are like an MCQ where we have to choose an answer for every question from the 4 incorrect choices provided. In fact how stupid we are, we first vote the corrupt leaders then revile them, thus in a way we condemn our own decision. I ask  one thing that will there be an end to this stupidity or shall we continue or if they want shall we join hands to bring this to an abrupt end and open the chapter no.1 of Pakistan and start amending the course.

When Pakistan won 1992 world-cup; Entire nation became “one” just one like a single element, which cannot be split apart, the 14-billion people of Pakistan were praying for one team, all praying from the core of their hearts, the only prayer; “that may Allah return their team with the Champions tag on them from the ground and  they could see the next days newspaper bearing the headline with Pakistan’s success”. That was the era of our stability, unlike that there happens to be a terrorist attack on “Sri-lankan cricket team”, and our nation did not even give a glance at the matter and there prevails the air of quietness.

“Allah may make it possible for us to think over all that has been promised than done for this nation”.


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A Pakistani. I share my views on music, culture, sports etc


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A Pakistani. I write about music, culture, politics, sports and places etc.

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