Reading the news, about lifting the ban over basant for a couple of days , with the sip of morning tea took me back to the time of delight. When Scattered with the bits of yellow, the sky appeared gleaming. The carols of ”Aai Bo-kata” exhibited the feeling of joy and the culture of Punjab at its best. The various types of Kites i.e ‘Patangs’ were lying and flying around us. The expert kite-flyers were up with their strings i.e Daur/manja.
What is basant without Dhol ? What is basant without food?

Patang - Kites

The beat of the dhols and the bhangra every time the kite went down, after being cut, was a manifestation of an era when politics had no influence over the culture. Yellow would be the color of the day and the blossoming flowers would witness the liveliness of the people.

The Laddus for the sake of meetha-(Sweet) and the Lahori-Chargha for the sake of namkeen – (Salty) used to be the dish of the day. The horns to demonstrate your victory and flying the kites together in a group brings you closer even if it is for a day or two.

Thus I appreciate this good news from ‘Takht-e-Lahore’ as the ban over it was useless and the Government should allow the kite-flying ‘with the restrictions‘ as happiness lies in rolling out happiness.


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A Pakistani. I write about music, culture, politics, sports and places etc.

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