Now – the hoped change

Known for its heterogeneous form of culture, geographical in congruence, mingling the disparate languages, Pakistan (The land of Pure) is found to be suffering from the triumvirate of Americans, Talibans and the Government of Pakistan. From the streets of a metropolis to the Mohallas of a small village do not appear safe from the vicious circle of autocracy by the three mentioned above. You are feared of either getting abducted by a Taliban or blown and burned in a suicide attack, become the target of a drone attack or if escaped the former two you may be one living hand to mouth because of the weakening economic conditions of the country.

The mullah-ism (religious extremism), getting nourished in the foreign hands, have torn the country further through the adversities. The ambiguous curriculum for the Islamic studies taught in the educational institutions, today in Pakistan, is reinforced by creepy Islamic fundamentalism leading  to the distorted views of the Islamic principles and teaching.

We – the jobless young fellows look up to the goraa’s, waiting to get interviewed by them. Mental slavery still inhibits the minds of the people who managed to get freedom 66 years back from the suppressed rule but are now pleading back to work under the ‘same’.

Although the expected change in the political scenarios, through the elections, resulted in a partial-failure. What still binds us to our beloved homeland is the “hope” of the conditions getting tossed. Although the dollar at the Forex is getting up’s and down’s, we are all expecting a contractionary fiscal Policy (When Government spending is lower than tax revenue, usually undertaken to pay down government debt ) manifesting a growth in the GDP.


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A Pakistani. I share my views on music, culture, sports etc


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A Pakistani. I write about music, culture, politics, sports and places etc.

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