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Jinnah preferred to go his own way.

“When he was about nine, he was put in a primary school, where he had to compete with his classmates at the time of examination. He was disappointed to find that other boys defeated him, securing more marks than he did. He,who had always looked upon himself as superior to other boys at play, found that … Continue reading

Reko Diq.

Reko Diq,  a small town owned by ‘Mohammad Zia’ tribe in Chagai District in Baluchistan province – south-west of Pakistan, has proven gold and copper reserves worth US $260 billion and estimated gold and copper reserves worth US $3 trillion. A Canadian and Chilean joint venture, the Tethyan Copper Company Pakistan (Pvt) Limited (TCC), that holds an exploration licence in the region … Continue reading

Mystery of the RAK taxis in the twin cities(Rwd/Isd), cracked.