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Islamabad is ,nowadays, bedecked with blossoming flowers. Spring is here. Dry & nippy air has about turned into a fairly warm breeze. Spring is here with Scent of flowers, crafting a way for summers to begin. Beautiful evenings with twitter of the birds sway our minds and appeal us to get blossomed up like flowers. … Continue reading

Jinnah preferred to go his own way.

“When he was about nine, he was put in a primary school, where he had to compete with his classmates at the time of examination. He was disappointed to find that other boys defeated him, securing more marks than he did. He,who had always looked upon himself as superior to other boys at play, found that … Continue reading

Urdu on the fade

Urdu as is used in Pakistan in current times has departed greatly from the literary form used by the educated and commoners of the past.  Pakistan was built on firm grounds with Urdu to remain as the language of prestige and greatest articulacy.  In current times, however, Urdu is seen as a language too complicated … Continue reading

Tribute to Alamgir (Pop-singer) by Kristie Yung

 Kristie Yung (Co-Producer & Vocals), Nick Chowlia (Arrangenment & Instrument), Ricky Thinda (Guitars), Sunny Matharu (Tabla). The song is a tribute to Alamgir by a Canadian popstar Kristie Yung. Alamgir was diagnosed with complete renal failure since 2004 and he is in need of kidney donor. All proceeds from iTunes & Amazon purchase of this song will go towards Alamgir’s … Continue reading

Secret Pakistan: Double Cross !