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Now – the hoped change

Known for its heterogeneous form of culture, geographical in congruence, mingling the disparate languages, Pakistan (The land of Pure) is found to be suffering from the triumvirate of Americans, Talibans and the Government of Pakistan. From the streets of a metropolis to the Mohallas of a small village do not appear safe from the vicious … Continue reading

Secret Pakistan: Double Cross !

‘When’ to stop Afghan war, not ‘whether’ to stop.

Estimates of the expenditure in the Afghan war are not latent. The reports have unveiled the U.S spendings of $450 billion in the Afghan war up till now. The civilian deaths, in the Afghan -war, reported by NATO have increased by 46%  since 2008. The report shows a upsurge of the war and civil disorder. ISAF/OEF deaths increased … Continue reading