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Now – the hoped change

Known for its heterogeneous form of culture, geographical in congruence, mingling the disparate languages, Pakistan (The land of Pure) is found to be suffering from the triumvirate of Americans, Talibans and the Government of Pakistan. From the streets of a metropolis to the Mohallas of a small village do not appear safe from the vicious … Continue reading

The quest for the lost nation.

In just a bout of time, the Blanket of Darkness will completely veil the sky ceding the stars to twinkle by. Our eyes would then see their sparkle; our heart would then give us the feel of regret, our mind would then generate a thought on over and done. Well, I am defining the upshot … Continue reading

Amrika Bhagao !

Anti-Amrika, or amrikaphobia rather I should say was again seen at the apex, all over Pakistan, as soon as Raymond Davis(CIA contractor in Pakistan) flew from Pakistan, after the court freed him on blood money deal with the relatives of Fahim . ¬†Raymond absconded from Pakistan faster than anything on earth on16 March 2011, to … Continue reading

Remembering April 10,1988 – A Massacring Day in the twin cities.

A bright sunny morning of 10, April 1988 soon turned into massacring day when the military ammunition depot at Ojhri Camp, Rawlapindi (Faizabad area),¬†blew up at about half past 9, unveiling the citizens of the twin cities to be the target of flying projectiles or missiles. Over 100 were killed and many were injured. However, … Continue reading

Who am I ?

A Pakistani. I write about music, culture, politics, sports and places etc.

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